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The art of traditional and continental gluten free baking

Lorraine King – Alsace Baking

Prior to her diagnosis 14 years ago Lorraine was a chef for private individuals and in stately homes. Through her undying passion for good food she has developed a wide range of gluten free food that’s suitable for sufferers of this autoimmune disease but is also a delicious treat for non-coeliacs. You can feel totally confident of the provenance of all her food. She is a member of Coeliac UK and has attained The Coeliac UK Private Sector Module.

Living a coeliac or free from life for medical reasons where being dietary restricted is our medication can have an extremely negative impact upon an individual.

I was fortunate that after a life time of being malnourished, under weight and continually unwell I felt liberated by my diagnoses and a sense of euphoria.
For many it is the complete opposite, they feel a loss like a bereavement which to those fortunate enough to be able to eat a normal gluten containing diet sounds ludicrous.

Imagine the sudden loss of many of your staple ingredients and favourite dishes, bread, pastries & croissants or for example an Indian meal without the Naan bread.

Imagine when eating out having to check ingredients and fears of cross contamination where the impact could make you quite seriously unwell for a period of a few days to a couple of weeks.

Imagine having to read all the labels on wrappers whilst shopping as ingredients are constantly changing. This is where the coeliac UK food and drink directory becomes our bible of all the things we can eat.

Imagine you are at risk of Osteoporosis which after diagnosis undergo a bone density scan because prior to diagnoses you were unable to absorb nutrients and minerals to maintain a healthy immune system…. it’s a lot to take in!